Easy Options for the Perfect PC Shutdown

Quite often, when a computer performs some task, it may be necessary to leave the workplace. In this case, turn off the computer only after the completion of the task.It is good if the program that is running (for example, Flashget or Nero) allows you to automatically shut down the computer after the task is completed.

And if, for example, you upload a file using a browser that flashes some time to complete, and you need to escape right now, while turning off the computer.But How to Shutdown Your PC Automatically.

How to be in this case?

  • You just need to use the command line utility of Windows XP: shutdown.
  • To start, run it in command line mode so that you can view all of its parameters.
  • Go to the Start -All Programs menu.

Start-All Programs

Choose Standard-Command Prompt.

Command line call

A command prompt window appears.

Enter the command shutdown /? And press Enter.

Enter the command shutdown

All the parameters of this utility will be displayed in front of us.

Parameters of this utility

By and large, we are only interested in three parameters:

  • s – computer shutdown;
  • t is the time after which the work will be completed, in seconds ;
  • a – cancel system shutdown.

Thus, in order to turn off the computer, for example in an hour, you need to enter the command

Typing the shutdown -s -t 3600 command

You can enter a command on the command line, as you just did to call up the list of parameters, or you can simply execute the shutdown command with the necessary parameters from the Start- up menu.

Start-Run menu

Enter the Shutdown command with the necessary parameters

And press either the OK button or Enter on the keyboard.

Enter the Shutdown command with the necessary parameters

A window of system shutdown appears on the screen, in which there is a countdown of time.

  • The system shutdown window, which is a reverse time report
  • If for any reason you wish to cancel the system shutdown just entered, enter the shutdown command with the -a option
  • Enter the shutdown command with the -a option

In the future, you will not even need to enter a command manually: the entered commands remain in the list of commands.

And they can be quickly called up with already entered parameters.

Command list

Naturally, you have to edit the parameter that sets the time after which the work will be completed.

These are the options that you will need to have right here. Get the best options right here. Best options are there and that is the reason you can be sure about the steps now. Be sure that you will be able to have the best system for your time here.